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Neighborhood Services

Director: Dan Scott
Office Assistant: Shirley Abel
3427 N. Magnolia
North Little Rock, AR 72116
Phone: 501-791-8500
Fax: 501-791-8516 Email:

Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday

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    Mission Statement

    National Night Out 2013

    The purpose of Neighborhood Services is to assist and coordinate with neighborhood action groups in furthering their goals of reducing crime, preserving history and the culture of North Little Rock's neighborhoods. Also to assist neighborhood action groups with preventing blight and deterioration of property values and improving the quality of life in our residential neighborhoods.

    Services Provided

    Services currently provided by this office include assisting with the preparation of meeting announcements, providing necessary supplies for distribution of this material and equipment for meetings. Neighborhood Services publishes a bi-monthly newsletter with neighborhood information. For placement on the mailing list contact our office.

    Equipment Usage

    We loan equipment for use in special events within North Little Rock city limits only.

    Reservation requests should be made in writing and include the event date, equipment being requested and a description of the event. Equipment is loaned on a first come first served basis. Neighborhood groups and official city functions take precedence over other groups/events. We work with different groups on the amount of equipment they need to ensure that one group does not monopolize the program. It is possible that late callers on busy weeks might be shut out and not have equipment left to borrow.

    We do not loan equipment for private/personal events.

    While we do loan to churches, we only loan for secular events that include the entire neighborhood surrounding the church. For example we would loan for a health fair or job fair being held at a church if the neighborhood is invited and the primary focus of the event is secular. We will not loan for a revival, bible study class, bible school/camp or anniversary events.

    We require that groups pick up the equipment and return the equipment in clean working order to our storage areas. Excessive breakage will result in a group not being allowed to borrow equipment in the future.

    Certain equipment requires city assistance for setup (20 X 40 tent, flat bed trailers). If city assistance is required, organizations are required to provide us with a map no later than 1 week prior to the event so our city employees know where to set up the equipment. Failure to provide a map by this time, will result in not getting the equipment. We will not set up the large tent or trailers in the street. This equipment requires a city crew to remove it and we cannot guarantee removal in time for the street to reopen.


    We provide street barricades to groups that have successfully applied for street closures through the city. The same rules apply for barricades that apply to equipment as far as pick up and return. We will loan barricades to any group for any purpose that has an authorized street closure because it is a public safety issue. At least sixty (60) days in advance an original Event Application must be submitted to the City Department managing the public property or facility.

  •   Event Application Process (information only)
  •   Event Application Form
      Email completed form to
  • Adopt-A-Street / City Beautiful / Fit 2 Live Grants

    We also administer the Adopt-A-Street program, assist with City Beautiful, and Fit 2 Live Grants.

  •   Adopt-A-Street Application Form
      Email completed form to

  •   City Beautiful Grant Application Form
      Email completed form to

  •   Neighborhood Beautification Grant Program Form
      Email completed form to

  •   Fit 2 Live Community Garden Grant Application Form
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  • Neighborhood Groups

  •   Neighborhood Group Meetings List

  • City of North Little Rock
    City Services

    120 Main Street
    P.O. BOX 936
    North Little Rock, AR 72115
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