Building Community by Planting Trees

Posted on 11/06/2014

Building Community by Planting Trees.

Most believe that trees improve the general appearance of the community. From an engineering standpoint, trees can greatly reduce storm water runoff, control soil erosion, cool buildings, and extend the lifespan of asphalt paving. Trees also provide shelter from the hot summer sun, and make our parks much more enjoyable, provide habitat for birds, and help improve human relaxation and contentment. From a utility standpoint, trees are a great nuisance that break power lines during storms and complicate the delivery of underground pipes and wires. Trees then, depending on your perspective, provide both a blessing and a curse. When planting trees, please consider the long term implications. Trees planted under or near power lines should only be short variety trees, such as Chinese Pistache or Red Buds. Many trees need adequate space for root and trunk expansion. You will have the greatest success if planted in the fall as this gives the roots time to develop before the next hot, dry summer season. Be sure and water newly planted trees and once a week during the hot summer season.