New Paint Striping Truck

Paint striping trucks are highly specialized vehicles, technically challenging to operate and represent the highest replacement equipment/vehicle cost for most Traffic Departments.  Therefore, from an economic standpoint, evaluation of a paint striping truck is extremely important.  Our Department spent approximately six to eight months evaluating different paint truck and finally selected the manufacturer EZ-Liner.  The EZ liner company worked with the Traffic Department to custom design and manufacture our paint truck meeting the City’s specifications.


Industry standards suggest that a typical life of a paint truck is approximately 12 years.  Our existing 2001 paint truck had reached its useful life.  Reasons for going with a new truck were as follows:


1.       Chassis/truck was becoming obsolete. It was difficult to get replacement parts.

2.       Technology has moved forward substantially to increase operating efficiency

3.       New truck is smaller and more maneuverable than the old truck for urban striping with frequent turns.

4.       New truck requires one less person to operations than the old truck.

5.       New style airless technology paint and glass bead guns substantially less cost than the old compressed air style paint truck.

6.       Reduced maintenance costs

On October 1, 2014 EZ-Liner delivered the new paint striping truck to the City of North Little Rock.  Representative from EZ Liner (Fred Phillips) spent three (3) days training North Little Rock Traffic Department staff on the operations of the truck.  As previously stated, our new truck operates on airless striping technology, which is a departure from what was used in the past.  The airless technology produces less overspray and a significantly sharper painted line.      


The Traffic Department looks forward to many good years of service from our new paint truck.