Oficina de Pandemia

March 2021 marks one year since the COVID-19 virus changed many aspects of our lives. Our city, state, country, and world have learned to better adapt to change, sometimes daily, during the Pandemic. "My original plan was to open neighborhood Pandemic Offices in our city to provide testing and vaccinations during 2021. One of the ways we adapted to change was when our state announced COVID-19 vaccinations would be distributed to local pharmacies. In response to the state’s Pandemic efforts, our focus is now to encourage, support and participate in all organized COVID-19 vaccination clinics and provide resources and information to both our residents and businesses. Additionally, city leaders are hard at work planning for our very own COVID-19 vaccination clinic here in North Little Rock. We look forward to announcing more details soon. I am proud to announce the creation of a Pandemic Office in our city. The focus of the NLR Pandemic Office is to provide resources to residents and businesses by directing them to vaccine opportunities and information, as well as to assist them in acquiring answers for their questions. By working together, we can overcome the COVID-19 virus.” - Mayor Terry Hartwick