Focus on Rose City

Focus on Rose City
Posted on 04/22/2021

City of North Little Rock

“We are focused on Your Neighborhood”


This letter is to notify your family in advance of our efforts. We are focusing on your neighborhood. Beginning Monday April 26, 2021 through Friday May 7, 2021 we will be helping the Rose City neighborhood in areas of concern from meeting with neighborhood leaders. When we work together we enable our neighborhoods to foster a more collaborative community and city.

The focus at this time will be:

  • Public nuisance violations.
  • Illegal outside storage in yards, porches and carports.
  • Unlicensed vehicles, including inoperable vehicles, etc.
  • Stored building material.
  • Animal control violations.
  • Trash in yards, illegal outside storage, on porches and carports.
  • Unlicensed businesses.
  • All houses are required to have house numbers at least three inches tall on the house visible from the street.

*The North Fire Little Rock Department will be installing, free of charge, smoke detectors in houses that do not have smoke alarms. They will be replacing batteries in existing smoke detectors when necessary.

Garbage and Recycling pickup in this neighborhood is on Monday. Garbage should be taken to the curb no earlier than 6 pm on Sunday. Garbage must be in bags and bags placed in a garbage can to keep animals from scattering the garbage. Recycling should be placed in the green bin and taken to the curb no earlier than 6 pm on Sunday. Recycling runs every other week. Instructions on the recycling bin lists items that can be recycled. All trashcans and recycling bins must be moved from the curb and put behind the front of the house by 6 pm on Monday.

Yard Waste is picked up on Tuesday in Rose City. Bagged leaves will be picked up each week. Yard waste must be separated from household stuff. Contractors hired to work on yards or houses are responsible for removing debris. The city will not pick up material from hired contractors. Please do not blow or rake leaves or yard waste into the street, because this causes problems with drainage. Household stuff should not be put out at the curb earlier than 6 pm on Monday. The City will not pick up bricks, masonry, concrete, paint, household chemicals, hazardous materials, or appliances with Freon.

Items Not Made for outside Use should not be stored outside in yards, on porches or on carports. This includes furniture and appliances. You may have a freezer or refrigerator if it is in use and is not visible from the street or is on a covered carport. Do not use tarps, blankets, or plastic or fabric sheets to cover items on a carport. You cannot store scrap metal, dismantled equipment, or inoperable vehicles in a residential area.

Outside Dogs must have structurally sound, water-proof, and wind-proof shelter. The shelter must protect dogs from temperature extremes and provide ventilation and drainage. Animals may not be chained to stationary objects at any time. Dogs cannot be allowed to run free in the neighborhood. They must have clean water and enough food to keep them healthy. Dog pens must be at least 150 square feet for each dog over six months of age. Animal waste must be removed every 72 hours. Fill in holes to prevent standing water and waste. Pit bulls and pit bull mixed breeds are not allowed in the city. All dogs and cats are required to have a city license and current rabies vaccination from a licensed veterinarian. Do not handle wildlife because there have been several cases of rabies in the city. You are only allowed four outside animals per household (inside cats are excluded).

Debris Pickup for Sanitation and what they will pick up please call Sanitation at 501-371-8340.

Recycling Questions can be directed to Waste Management at 501-565-0191.

Code Enforcement questions can be answered at 501-791-8581.

Report Street Lights that are out to the Electric Department at 501-372-0100. Each pole is numbered. When you call in please have the address and pole number available.

The Police Department can be reached at 501-758-1234. For emergencies call 911.

Thank you for your help to keep Rose City a great neighborhood to live in.