Historic Downtown Argenta

Platted in 1866, Argenta was named for the silver mines at the old Kellogg Diggins north of town. Thomas W. Newton Sr., who owned the land where Argenta sprang to life beginning in the 1870s, had overseen the Southwest and Arkansas Mining Company, which extracted lead and silver ores from shafts 90 feet deep by the late 1850s. 

Today, Argenta is a blossoming, bustling historic downtown district. It is home to local businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues, as well as Dickey-Stephens Ballpark. It offers several points of access to the Arkansas River Trail and its many attractions. 

The River Rail Streetcar runs through Historic Downtown Argenta, providing a convenient and entertaining way to experience the area. River Rail operators provide information on historic sites, community events, future expansion plans, and other news and facts from your vantage point on the heated and cooled streetcars.