The City of North Little Rock Sanitation Department's purpose is to provide "Outstanding Customer Service and High Quality Solid Waste Management" for the citizens of North Little Rock to maintain the health and safety of the community.

Leaf Vacuum Trucks Status

Please call (501) 371-8340 for information about the leaf program.

For a map of the areas and more explanation about this service, use this link: Leaf Pick Up


 Beginning Wednesday (Jan 1st) all routes will be a day delayed (Thursday thru Saturday)

Recycling comes by for curbside pickup every two weeks. Click here for a 2021 Recycling Schedule. 

Holidays will sometimes affect the normal routine of our weekly curbside pickup. Click here for a calendar of City Holidays and how they affect our Sanitation schedule.

Check out this video about recycling from Waste Management.  Click here.  It has some great information.

Recent changes and general information about our Sanitation Department

Click here for a document that provides some great information about our Sanitation service: Click here.

Review this document for a complete explanation of items we DO and DO NOT accept: Click here.

North Little Rock will always provide excellent sanitation services.   For information on our different services, please watch the video below.   It discusses our Recycling and our Leaf Pick Up.   One of the changes that happened this year and will help us reduce our fees when we drop off waste at the landfill is to separate your green waste (yard clippings, bagged leaves, branches, etc.) from all other bulky items (couches, mattresses, chairs, tables, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Where can I recycle household electronics?
A. Info on electronic recycling

Q.  Where can I recycle hazardous waste (oil, gas, antifreeze, fluorescent bulbs)?
A. Info on hazardous materials disposal

Q.  Can I throw away paint cans?
A.  If the paint can is empty then we will pick it up in normal garbage. If there is wet paint inside the can, please dry it out using newspapers or kitty litter.

*The goal here is to avoid the truck from smashing a can full of paint and having it flow all over our streets.